Changes and Benefits at Week One Alcohol-Free

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We’ve got the tea on changes you might be feeling the first week after going alcohol free, but first: You did it! You stayed dry a week one and that’s huge!

Some might already feel the effects of alcohol leaving or being gone from their systems, while for others not so much. Yet! We are all different, so don’t be discouraged. You’ll get there.

Here are some common changes you may already be seeing or will experience soon:

  • The first few days you may have felt irritable and low-energy. This won’t last long!
  • Sleep could be challenging at first without alcohol to get us there faster (a double edged sword, as it ultimately interrupts sleep). Now is a great time to create a solid bedtime routine. Go to bed at the same time each night if possible, shut down electronics, take a warm bath or shower, read or listen to calming music, meditate, drink calming tea and set yourself up for success for the coming days and weeks.
  • By day 4 or 7, your body should be back in action with higher energy levels and focus. Huzzah! Sleep might also be better by now. (If you have struggled with the dreaded 3 a.m. bathroom wake up and anxiety variety show, it has probably stopped, too!) Are you having crazy, vivid, outrageous dreams? You aren’t alone. Just enjoy or ride it out.
  • Your level of hydration is probably back to normal by now, too, since alcohol causes dehydration.
  • You’ve saved calories from not drinking and from not having those midnight taco snacks or greasy hangover burgers. Bonus: You’ve also saved money!

With everything you’ve been through this week, along with the cash savings, you deserve a treat to celebrate! Gift yourself flowers, a new scarf, a trip to the botanical garden, bubble bath or bath salts, a hiking adventure, takeout from your fave restaurant, a yummy candle, fine chocolate or coffee or perhaps some good tea. You do you!

Congrats on slaying week one! How will you treat yourself today or this weekend?.


So much has happened in just a one week! If you aren’t yet experiencing any of the above benefits, don’t get discouraged. Everyone is different and even if there aren’t visible or noticeable changes, there are immensely beneficial changes going on in your body and brain. Are you curious about what happens in the coming weeks? Read the week twoweek three, week four and week five posts.

Author: drinkfitclub

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