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Changes and Benefits at Four Weeks Alcohol-Free

What happens when you abstain from alcohol for four weeks? Your system is functioning at a much higher level pretty much across the board at this point. Let’s break down changes and benefits you might be experiencing at four weeks alcohol-free.

  • The tissues in your skin are hydrated, giving you that plump, soft glow and diminishing pores. If you have rosacea or red, rashy skin, alcohol can irritate it, so you’re likely experiencing fewer flare ups. 
  • According to the CDC, “Drinking any kind of alcohol can contribute to cancers of the mouth and throat, larynx (voice box), esophagus, colon and rectum, liver and breast (in women). The less alcohol you drink, the lower the risk of cancer.” Look at you lowering your risk for cancer! 
  •  Additionally, you’ve lowered your risk for stroke, heart disease and hypertension,
  • Your immune system is no longer being suppressed by alcohol. 
  • Your kidneys are functioning better. 
  •  Your liver is the happiest of all, because this hardworking organ is no longer focusing on ridding your body of alcohol and can process everything else with a lot more efficiency. Also, if you had developed fatty liver, which is caused by alcohol, that plus inflammation have gone down considerably by week four. 
  • Your tolerance to alcohol has diminished, too, which is a good thing! Just be mindful of that if you are transitioning back to having drinks at the end of your challenge. 

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