7 Booze Break Strategies

If you are on a booze break, whether this is your first alcohol free challenge or you have several under your belt, it’s important to have a plan. Here are 7 Drink Fit Club strategies for when you are partying without the booze!



Meet Basic Needs

Rest, eat, hydrate meditate or pray, deep breathe and try to move your body. Even a short walk each day is better than nothing.


Plan Downtime

Take bath, stream a show, read, spend time in nature, have coffee with friends, explore old and new hobbies — whatever downtime looks like for you.


Create Boundaries

Try not to overcommit. Say no to commitments, obligations and gatherings you need or want to say no to. No is a complete sentence.


Treats & Rewards

Celebrate, don’t be stingy with yourself. We are used to alcohol as a reward. Retrain your brain to get excited about things other than wine time. Get happy little dopamine hits naturally.



Rest, eat a snack, bring replacement drinks or call ahead to ask what’s on offer, arrive early and leave early, have a buddy on standby to text if you get nervous or tempted to slip up. (This is a good cue to make exit.)



The average craving — for drinks or sweet or salty treats, for example — lasts 20 minutes. Find something else to do, then check in with yourself. The craving will likely have passed.


Alternative Drinks


Bonus: Have Faith!

You’ve got this! And if you slip up, just dust yourself off and begin again.

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