What is Drink Fit Club?

Oh hey, you! I’m so glad you found Drink Fit Club! Pull up a chair and let’s have a drink. You are probably wondering, what the heck is the Drink Fit Club, no?

This is the kind of club where everyone is welcome, no matter who you are, who you love, where you’re from, what you do, what you look like or what kind of drinker you happen to be at the moment. The mission is to mix up tasty beverages, listen to good music, get to know one another, learn a thing or two and bring the party without the booze. The Clubhouse is based in New Orleans, Louisiana U.S.A. where we are always ready to let the good times roll. Welcome to the club! 

Who is Melanie

Photo by Theresa Cassagne

“I could see my drinking becoming problematic if I wasn’t mindful. After all, alcohol is a potent and addictive substance.

What caused this enthusiastic tippler to temporarily teetotal? I’m glad you asked! In 2020, with a couple of Lenten alcohol-free challenges and shorter periods of abstention under my belt, something shifted. I could see my drinking becoming problematic if I wasn’t mindful. After all, alcohol is a potent and addictive substance and I’ve had a front-row seat to its effects on loved ones struggling with varying degrees of substance use disorder. Also, there’s the ugly truth of the many cringe-worthy moments when alcohol kept me from being my best self. These factors prompted me to get journalistic, dig into the physical and mental effects of alcohol and read every #QuitLit memoir or novel I could get my hands on.  

Post-lenten challenge that year, I moderated (7 units or less a week per the CDC recommendation) from Easter to July 4th, then decided to go AF again and raise money for Dry July. That turned into 60 days. Then 100 days, then I decided to go for a year. No one is more surprised by this than me! But I couldn’t ignore what my gut was telling me. The benefits were so vast (mental clarity, better focus, softer, clearer and smoother skin, healthier weight, more energy, better sleep, lower resting heart rate and feeling happier and calmer overall), it seems crazy to quit quitting. Most importantly, I’ve grown to love this AF version of me!

If you are thinking about a break — do it! There are no downsides. It’s all positives and, more than anything else, you are worth it. Join the club!


Things Drink Fit Clubbers say:

“Up, bright eyed and bushy tailed, and at my desk for a writing workshop!” — Stacy

“It has become great lifestyle.” — Claudia

“Going on three weeks. More energy than I have had in ages. Thank you for inspiring me. I can not believe how much I can do. Thank you, thank you.” — Rita

“Feeling better already.” — Ardyn

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