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One of the many fun aspects of going on a booze break or being alcohol free for any reason (or none at all) is the wide selection delicious nonalcoholic drinks now on the market. There’s truly something for everyone whether you are a beer lover, wine aficionado, cordial sipper or cocktail enthusiast. *Here are some of the beverages that top Drink Fit Club’s list of choices.

*(Note: This page is not sponsored, there are no affiliate links and Drink Fit Club and its founder make no money if you purchase something. These are simply our favorites, so we are sharing.)


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Now for our favorite category — wine. Mmmmm. Wine has always been the one thing our founder Melanie thought she’d miss most after going alcohol free. Even just five years ago, the first time Melanie did a Lenten booze break, the NA wine space was bleak. The sober curious movement has gained a lot of steam since then however and with winemakers, sommeliers and wine lovers uniting in the cause, it’s a whole new world and provides lots to pop some NA corks over in celebration.







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Mixers and Bitters

More to come!

There is so much more out there, so consider this list a jumping off point. Please experiment, share your finds and — most important — have fun! Cheers!

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