Yoga and Meditation

Not only are yoga and meditation great for mind, body and soul, but also these practices are helpful tools for booze breaks. In fact, a regular meditation or yoga practice (or better yet, both), can help curb cravings due to the positive impact on areas of the brain that regulate self-control. There are simply too many other benefits to list here, so let’s just say that the Drink Fit Club believes wholeheartedly in adding yoga and meditation into your alcohol free toolbox. So much so, that we are working on myriad ways to add it into our offerings.

Photo evidence that after attempting wobbly, hungover tree poses for many years, in 2021 at six months alcohol free, Melanie firmly planted her tree.

Yoga for Life

As part of Melanie’s deep commitment to continuing her yogic education, she is also working on a 300-hour certification and trauma-informed yoga certification through MVP.

Drink Fit Club Classes with Melanie

Drink Fit Club Yoga Studio: Coming soon! An exclusive library of yoga and meditation classes accessible to paid members.

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