Changes and Benefits at Two Weeks Alcohol-Free

In today’s post, we’re looking at the changes and benefits most of us experience at week two of an alcohol-free challenge.

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In today’s post, we’re looking at the changes and benefits most of us experience at week two of an alcohol-free challenge. If you are at week two of a challenge, congratulations, rockstar! (Or perhaps you are thinking about taking an AF challenge and looking ahead to see what to expect, in which case you are going to be so psyched. Or of course if you’ve already done a challenge lasting over two weeks and you want to fondly remember a time when you were younger and not such a salty pro, there are some solid reminders here for you, too.)

If you thought the week one benefits of going alcohol-free were lit, check out week two (Sources: UK-based Priory Group behavioral care and Alcohol Change UK):

Changes and Benefits

  • Whether you have a solid exercise routine or you are a couch potato, now is a great time for getting in that movement. Alcohol can inhibit muscle growth, reduce metabolism and decrease our ability to burn fat. Maximize your booze break with a focus on fitness!
  • Are you thirsty? It probably only seems like it, because you are better able to sense your body’s needs. Mmm, water.
  • If you often suffer from heartburn, aka acid reflux, you’re probably experiencing it less over the past few days or week.
  • Energy and clarity should be up by now. We bet it’s easier to get up in the morning and if it feels like your brain is functioning better and faster — it is! You smarty, you.
  • It’s possible that you also may have started to see some weight loss.

If you still aren’t feeling any of the benefits, don’t get discouraged! It just takes a little more time for some of us to reach homeostasis (or physiological stability). Keep at it and you’ll start feeling better soon.

What benefits have been your favorites so far? Share in comments or email us at


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